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Easy to Operate

Replaces stock tailgate with fully functional "air-flow" style split tailgate

Simply unhinge tailgate to open

Unlatch pin and extend ramp from outer channel

Extend ramps fully

Load equipment

Retract ramps and close tailgate



The Retractable Ramp System provides a safe, quick, and convenient way of loading your pickup truck.  This semi-permanent Ramp System is unique in that it replaces your stock tailgate with a pair of tailgates which become integrated into the Ramps, once opened.  This tailgate system results in a number of benefits:  the Ramps are 7½ feet long once extracted; the tailgates are a “flow-through” design; the extracted tailgates can be used as a bed-extender; dual tailgates allow easier access to the truck bed; replacing the stock tailgate saves it from wear.

The Retractable Ramp System is safer (the Ramps will not shift or “kick-out” during use), stronger (heavy-duty construction), longer (Ramps extend to 7.5 feet), more convenient (there is no need to stow the Ramps since they simply slide back into the truck bed), and more versatile (ATV’s, motorcycles and snowmobiles; fits any truck with a 6 - 8 ft. bed).  Installation is easy and the whole assembly can be quickly and easily removed, when desired.

Perfect for ATV's, Snowmobiles*, and Motorcycles
  • Strong and sturdy steel construction (stainless steel in wear areas):  will not shift or “kick-out” like other ramps
  • Unique design integrates tailgate into ramp such that longer, less steep ramps result:  ramps are 71⁄2 feet long!
  • Easily installs in less than 1 hour; can be removed in minutes to restore truck to original configuration
  • Provides “flow-through” tailgates that also can serve as bed extenders
  • Fits any truck with a 6-8 ft. bed
  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs. per ramp, distributed
    If you want to haul your equipment but don't want the problems associated with towing a trailer, then the Boss Retractable Ramp System is the ultimate solution.
    * optional snowmobile kit required

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